academic writing servicesHUEGROUP is the world’s color intelligence leader providing analytics to inspire inform and substantiate all color decisions.

Every day millions of color decisions are made with subjective, limited, and hard-to-get data. Making the wrong color decision results in a competitive loss, from low sales, to lingering inventories, and resource waste. Conversely the right color decision directly impacts the top line. The risk associated with wrong color decisions is high, while the likelihood of making the right ones is random. HUEGROUP changes that!

HUEGROUP provides color analytics daily for millions of global color introductions and mentions. We run the world’s largest color database, for industries such as Fashion, Beauty, Home, Tech, Auto, Packaging and others. Our daily-updated color database covers six continents, 70+ industries and thousands of products. Employing our industry leading color algorithm, colors are extracted and dashboarded for an immediate and comprehensive view of Color KPIs and Metrics. We track global and local color trends and offerings, inspiring and supporting the color decisions of designers, buyers, marketers, researchers, media and legal professionals, with competitive and comparative insight and logic.

HUEGROUP offers individual subscription and enterprise solutions designed to unlock the value of color.